Some Tips For Property Owners To Maintain Their Gravel Driveway In Winters

Factors such as affordability and durability are the reasons why most homeowners prefer to go with a gravel driveway instead of asphalt, concrete, or paving stones.  Although it is a lot cheaper than the other paving materials, a gravel driveway calls for regular maintenance in order to stay usable. Maintaining it properly is even more essential in the winter months as gravel isn’t as solid a surface as asphalt or concrete, which means it requires some extra effort to get rid of snow. In this blog, we will share with you some tips that will help you keep your gravel driveway in top condition in winters. Let’s get started.

  • Rake It Regularly – Raking a gravel driveway is one of the easiest yet essential parts of driveway maintenance. It can help you keep the driveway level and get rid of twigs, leaves, and other debris that may have gotten flattened by wind and rain. So, first the thing you need to do is rake your driveway so that it looks clean and is free of debris that can cause problems while walking or driving over it
  • Look For Signs of Drainage – Many homeowners face flooding or pooling problems with their gravel driveway after heavy rainfall. These are signs that indicate toward drainage issues usually caused by poor grading practices. One simple way of dealing with these problems is stuffing any existing potholes or low points with some extra gravel. In addition to this, make sure your driveway is not lower than the ground encompassing it. This is crucial because water from the higher surrounding ground will easily flow and make its way onto the driveway, leading to pooling issues. So, make sure the driveway is more elevated by adding more gravel
  • Use A Shovel or Snow Blower – When your gravel driveway gets covered with snow, you may feel tempted to use snow plow service to clear your driveway of snow by pushing it aside. Doing this can cause problems to you in the spring as snow plow, along with snow, can push aside gravel out from the driveway. This will make your driveway look unsightly once the snow melts. Using snow plow would be good for a long gravel driveway. For shorter ones, using a shovel or snow blower would be a better option

Keep these simple tips in mind and your gravel driveway will continue to look flawless.  It is crucial to understand that gravel driveway maintenance cannot be carried out effectively without Handozer driveway groomers. Our pull behind road grader can help you grade not only gravel driveways but round pens, gardens, home horse arenas, and much more with your lawn/garden tractor or ATV.