Steer Clear Of These Mistakes When Building A Gravel Driveway

Not every gravel driveway is the same. Driveways that have been built by cutting corners will cause a property owner a lot of problems now as well as in the future. This is why it is essential that common mistakes should be avoided when a gravel driveway is being built. Whether you are doing the job or you hired someone else to do it for you, keep in mind that the below-mentioned mistakes are not made.

  • If you think building a gravel driveway just requires spreading the gravel on the lawn, then you’re mistaken. You will have to deal with a lot of problems in the future if you build a driveway on soft soil that contains grass, roots, and other debris. So, we will advise you to first get rid of the entire topsoil and get to the hard rock for a reliable, long-lasting driveway bed.

  • Don’t forget to factor in drainage issues. Many property owners experience drainage problems simply because their gravel driveway is not correctly leveled to handle drainage. So, correctly leveling the driveway is essential because if this is not done, then water begins to seep up among the stones, which needless to say, will slowly erode your driveway. This will not just produce a muddy mess but will also change the arrangement of the silt, which will make the stones lose their friction by rubbing against them.

  • Make sure there is a proper side form to contain the gravel within the driveway. There are many driveways where gravel begins to spread way too much out of the boundaries of the driveway. This mostly happens with those driveways where proper borders were not built. So, if you do not want gravel to come out of the driveway and enter the surrounding area, build a nice border of brick edges or strong wooden forms.

So, there you have it. Keep these common mistakes in mind when building a gravel driveway. Taking all the key steps while building a driveway will surely make it last longer and present fewer problems, but do not assume you will have to take less care of it in terms of maintenance. Even a properly built gravel driveway needs to be maintained regularly. Ignoring its maintenance needs will cause problems such as potholes, washouts, and compaction. Use Handozer’s gravel driveway grader. Our gravel levelers contain solid steel spikes that will effectively rip the gravel and a rear grading bar that will level and groom even the most challenging gravel driveway.