4 Tips on How to Regrade a Driveway Properly

Driveways require maintenance in order to stay functional and keep looking nice for a long time. Heavy usage, rain, people driving too fast, and many other factors can all lead to potholes, degrading your driveway. Regrading is important to bring the driveway in its old condition. In the blog, we are going to share 4 basic tips on how to regrade a driveway properly.

  • Wear your safety gear -First things first, make sure to wear your safety gear and fill the tractor with gas.
  • Use fully-extended flanks– Start with your shanks fully extended. The idea behind it is to go up and down the driveway, breaking up what amounts to a hardpan. You can’t just throw gravel to fix the pothole. You actually have to get in there and break the entire thing up.
  • Make sure the ground is broken –You can tell you’re almost done with this phase when you have more ground broken up than hard-packed. Using a top-quality pull-behind driveway grader can make this process a breeze.
  • Use shanks completely raised â€“ The next step is to raise shanks to the completely raised position. With the shanks out of the way, you can use the dual grading blades just to even everything out. This is to make the driveway smooth and look nice.

Once you’re done, the potholes should be all broken up, your aggregate should be evenly spread, and you should have a nice little “crown” in the middle of the road that encourages water to run off the side of the road instead of down the road, eroding away all your hard work.

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