Q. Do you have a dealer in TX?

A. We do not have dealers. We sell through our website www.handozer.com, HomeDepot.com, eBay.com, Tractorsupply.com, Lowe’s and amazon.com.

They all ship from our Sacramento Facility.

Q. I am interested in a pull behind drag grader. I have a 44 horse tractor w/o 3 point or hydraulics. I also have a large ATV.

A. Either one would be great for towing the Handozer. We have designed the D3.5 to be towed with a standard riding mower!

Q. What is the shipping price the NY.

A. The shipping cost is included in the listed price

Q. Hello we are interested in purchasing the Handozer 42 in. dirt and Gravel grader but we live Ontario Canada just near Peterborough Ontario and I don’t know of any dealers that sell the grader here. If you can advise us of any stores here that sell it we would be grateful.

A. We sell direct from our store in Sacramento CA. We ship to Canada. We need your address to provide you with a UPS ground quote.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Q. Where is the Handozer manufactured?

A.  Made in Northern California, USA.

Q. Do you make other models?

A. No. We only make the 42” wide D3-5.

Q. Can I use my truck to pull the Handozer?

A. The Handozer D3-5 is only 42” wide. It is not recommended to pull the Handozer with a truck because you would not be able to see it back there ?

 The D3-5 is designed to be pulled with a standard riding mower!

Q. What is the pull rope for?

A. The pull rope allows the operator to pull the wheels up and down so you can pull it up so you can go over asphalt or concrete areas to turn around.

You can also pull it up to dump gravel into pot holes as you go over them or to help build a crown.

Q. Are the spikes replaceable?

A. Yes we have them listed on the website for sale. They come in sets of 8.