Handozer: The Perfect Solution to Driveway Grading

Is water seeping into the asphalt or gravel in your driveway? Is this causing problems such as cracking, chipping and uneven surfaces? Does this water then freeze in winter causing even more problems? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then chances are your driveway is improperly graded and you need help creating a flat, even surface that is divot and rut-free. These imperfections affect not only the appearance on your driveway but also its safety and its longevity. The first step is to acknowledge and examine the problem. The second step is to excavate the gravel/asphalt. The final step is to grade your driveway.

Evaluating and Understanding the Problem: The impact improper grading makes on surfaces such as driveways, horse arenas and baseball infield is enormous and should not be underestimated. First, if water is not draining correctly then flooding or pooling up or corrosion can occur. If these things take place water may then flow towards your garage, shed or building foundation. Improper draining also shortens the life of your investment in your home and/or driveway. Lastly, gravel or asphalt that is uneven and has perfections creates a dangerous trip hazard for you and your family. All of this is why understanding the scope of the problem is such a vital first step.

Excavation and Removal: Proper excavating is the second important step to replacing your imperfect driveway surface with a new flat, surface. First, check to see if excavating will disrupt underground utilities by calling your local utility company. Next, you should test to see how fast the soil absorbs water. Finally, removal can begin with any number of machines that are easily found on the Internet such as a back hoe.

Grading: This is where Handozer comes in. We can provide you with quality driveway grading equipment that will get the job done. Our ATV all in one driveway grader and accessories are durable and are homemade (USA only). (That is, providing that the soil beneath has been properly prepared.) When you’ve decided that you want to replace the gravel/asphalt in your driveway with a more functional surface we are here. As a company with much practical experience we offer you the following tips to grading.

  • Be sure to dig deeply in order to loosen up the gravel. Dig as deep as your deepest pothole.
  • Make several passes in order to further loosen up the gravel.
  • Scan for washouts or floating gravel.
  • Distribute loose gravel evenly over the fresh surface.

Any job doing is a job worth doing well. Once you’ve committed to the job of replacing your worn or cracked surface – be it a baseball infield, driveway or horse arena – make sure that your project will be a successful one by buying one of our pull behind road grader/lawn tractor graders.