The Importance of Infield Grooming and Maintenance

It is a fact that probably escapes all but the most ardent baseball fan but the vast majority of baseball play takes place on the “skinned” surfaces of a baseball field. For this reason, the condition of the infield can literally make or break the game. There are several factors that affect the quality of the infield and all of them should be considered carefully.

Drainage: The most important component of infield drainage is the surface grade. If the soil is packed too tightly water will not be able to drain off the infield effectively. Using the proper baseball infield groomer along with the right kind of infield soil can be critical in helping an infield drain properly.

The proper soil type: Another important element that helps make a well maintained and “skinned” infield surface is the correct kind of soil. The base soil should ideally be between 4 – 6 inches and it should be packed tightly but not too tightly. Here just the right soil and sand combination are critical. There are several studies online that address the ideal combination of the two. Remember, however that sand absorbs water.

Moisture control: It is important to remember that your infield will constantly be exposed to varying temperatures, humidity, rain and wind. You should take this into account and know the rate at which your infield will absorb water. You will need to apply water to your infield surface regularly anyway. This is why it is so important to choose the correct sand/soil mixture and why it is important to groom the infield regularly. Proper watering will also help promote uniform bounce on the infield surface.

Another thing to remember about infield grooming is that it allows maintenance people to contribute greatly to a game in their own way. This may go unnoticed by spectators but a properly maintained infield using durable infield grooming techniques will be appreciated by players and managers alike. Proper infield maintenance allows grounds crews to leave their distinct signature on the field of play. Our levelers are affordable, durable and can handle other surfaces too such as driveways and horse arenas. Our American made pull behind road grader/lawn tractor graders will help your driveway, horse arena or infield to be more attractive and most importantly safer and more resilient. Ask us for help in determining which implement is best for meeting your personal requirements.